It’s a Wrap!

You did it! You made it to Thing 10. I know, I know, you haven’t all finished all 1o things yet, but there’s still time.

Thing 10 has just been posted and continues on the theme of mobile library services we started looking at in Thing 9.  This one focuses more on vendor and library website apps. Take a look and explore. It’s really important to know how to use the mobile apps for the services we provide to our library customers.

What does your website look like on a mobile device?

Thing 9  Mobile Web Interfaces

Any organization with a website needs to be paying attention to the growing use of tablets,  smartphones & other mobile devices which now account for 28% of all web traffic. What might have been a tiny portion of web traffic a few years ago is now a significant and growing percentage of visits to your site. If you use google analytics or some other statistics service, you’ll easily see the data trends for your own sites.  Learn more in Thing 9!

Thing 8 – Already?



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Wow, we’re up to Thing 8 already. Seems like we started all this a long time ago, but the time flew by. Well, the workshop time has flown by, winter certainly hasn’t!

Anyways, it’s time for Thing 8 and it’s App-Palooza! time. Have fun exploring apps that are of interest to you and thinking about how you might take what you’ve been learning in our workshop and share it with your community. ‘Appy hour anyone?

Audio & Recording

recording studio

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Thing 7 covers all sorts of audio features on your phone. From listening, to recording, to interacting with your device. I still find it amazing that our mobile devices let us take our music, radio stations, audio books and podcasts with us wherever we go. You can listen to a radio station from Australia while driving the Northway more easily than you can pick up a local station in some spots. Tap a button and ask for directions to the nearest gas station. Search Google with a voice command. Use a recording app like AudioBoo to record ideas or take audio notes in Evernote.

What will you do with these tools? Create a playlist to share with all of us? Record a quick book talk or event promo with AudioBoo? Learn how to interact with your device by talking to it?

NO Thing!

That’s right, there is NO THING for the next 2 weeks. We built a break into the schedule, we knew you’d need some time off, some time to catch up, maybe some time to go to PLA.  Do continue to explore the topics we’ve covered, catch up on anything that you haven’t had time to get to and continue to share on your tumblrs and on in the facebook group.

Get Organized with Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote

Dropbox Evernote Drive

Our next topic covers popular tools for organizing all your digital “stuff” and making it available to you wherever you may be. All have mobile apps that will help keep you connected to your notes, files and great ideas when you’re on the go.

Just last week, Jennifer and I were talking about a tech topic and I remembered I had some related information in my Evernote files. I felt so darned efficient when I pulled out my phone, opened Evernote and was able to email the information with her. The weak point in something like that is my brain actually remembering that I had the information! 🙂

Videos start to pour in

If you’ve done Thing 3 on Twitter and Videos, don’t for to LOG YOUR POST. Filling out the Log Form will help us find your ‘homework’ posts more quickly.


Just like the rainy weather, your Vine and Instagram videos are starting to pour in! But the videos are far more entertaining. Who did I miss?

Rainy weather video

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